blog/ entry/ More lines-of-code nonsense

After my last post about lines of code in aptitude, I was wondering how the program has grown over time. Plus, someone pointed out that I ought to be using sloccount to get a more accurate picture, since it ignores blank lines and comments. So, with a bit of hacking around to extract information about past aptitude versions, I present the aptitude-over-time graph:

The "zigs" in this graph represent overlapping development cycles of the program. It's interesting to note that about 1/3 of the source lines in 0.3.4 are ignored by sloccount because they contain only comments or whitespace.

A PostScript version and the raw data are also available (the last column is the supposed number of person-years it would take to produce the program according to a formula which, in the words of an IRC denizen, "is useful to convince your boss you need a pay raise").