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In Which our Intrepid Heroes Scale (or trudge along) Mountains While Defending Their Precious Bodily Fluids From The Local Fauna.

This is a continuation of my previous post about how I spent my holiday weekend. Yes, it took my a while to get around to it, why do you ask?

Day 1

On our second day in Leavenworth, we decided to hike up to Stuart Lake. This is a nine-mile round trip up the side of a mountain, culminating at an alpine lake; we figured it would make a nice site for a picnic.

The trip up was fairly smooth for about two-thirds of the way, at which point we discovered what we had forgotten in our preparations. Somehow, the fact that mosquitos can live on a mountain had escaped both of us, and we'd left the bug repellant at home!

The next couple hours were a nightmare of swatting, itching, and trying to move fast enough to leave the horde of bloodsuckers behind. We did make it to the lake, but only stayed long enough to take a picture and gobble down a sandwich while doing the Mosquito Dance (where you run in circles while flailing one arm wildly to repel the little nasties). As soon as we were done, we conceded the field and fled back down the mountain to less infested areas.

We got back at about 5, ate the remaining sandwich for dinner, and nursed our wounds until we fell asleep. The whole thing wasn't so bad for me, but Kate seems to be particularly sensitive to mosquitos, and by the time we made it back her whole arm looked like one big bite.