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One of my co-workers told us about a message he saw posted on a British message board about Royal Mail. For people whose job does not involve postal systems, Royal Mail is the semi-governmental semi-monopoly that handles mail in the UK; it's a little like the USPS in the States.

The funny thing about the message had little to do with the mail: apparently the poster was saying that Royal Mail's standards have deteriorated because he can no longer pick up his mail at 9:30 AM, before he goes to work. Dude! You don't even have to leave for work until 9:30 and you're complaining about when your mail comes?

I bet he gets four weeks of paid vacation, too, and then complains about how that isn't enough.

Comment by Sven at 8:09 AM:

4 weeks of paid vacation? lame, I get 7 (granted, I rarely use it up and the standard around here is 6 weeks anyhow).

Comment by dburrows at 8:17 PM:

Darn Europeans. :)

I have a pretty cushy job by our standards: I got two weeks of paid vacation right off the bat. (Microsofties get more and I imagine Googlers do too, but they work for big companies that can afford to do that sort of thing) After only three years of working this position, I would get a third week. I don't remember how long it is to the fourth week offhand; it's so far in the future it doesn't really matter.