dburrows/ blog/ entry/ aptitude 0.4.11 released

I've released version 0.4.11 of the aptitude package manager (release notes). Due to ongoing work by the installer team, I uploaded this release to experimental rather than unstable; once things are clear I will upload a build to unstable (probably promoting the experimental cwidget to unstable at the same time). The initial upload accidentally left out libept support, so I'm preparing a new upload as I write this.

The aptitude search language and its documentation have gotten particular attention in this release. The most visible change is the introduction of a new syntax for search expressions: in addition to the old style of ~i, you can now type ?installed. Not only is this more readable and more memorable, it means that I'll be much more able to expand the breadth of the query language: it was becoming rather difficult to select new single-character flags for search terms, so expanding the namespace is nice. On this note, a number of search terms have been added to the language; see the release notes or the aptitude user's manual for details.

PS: if you're wondering about the quote in the release notes: I just needed to vent a little about that incident in a way that I found amusing and harmless; I'm over it now, and hopefully this will be the last time I mention it in public.