dburrows/ blog/ entry/ aptitude released

Last weekend, I released version of the aptitude package manager (release notes). This is a minor release focusing mostly on bug-fixes and on a few features that I've been meaning to add but that didn't make it into 0.4.11. I think the most interesting addition is --show-why, which is like --show-deps but traces back to the closest manually installed package.

In some wide-character locales, the fix for bug #472625 in this upload of aptitude triggers bug #473874 and bug #474065 in apt; the symptoms are an error message about line N too long (max 1024) on start-up, and messages saying that method http has died unexpectedly! when you try to update the package lists or install new packages. I've written patches to fix these bugs in apt, and once they're reviewed by the other apt maintainers they should be fixed in the next upload of apt (version 0.7.12). Until then, if you're bitten by this bug, you can work around it by diverting /usr/share/aptitude/aptitude-defaults.$LANG and replacing it with an empty file. For instance, for Russian (ru):

 # dpkg-divert --rename --local --divert /usr/share/aptitude/aptitude-defaults.ru.real --add /usr/share/aptitude/aptitude-defaults.ru
 # echo > /usr/share/aptitude/aptitude-defaults.ru

Once a fixed apt is uploaded, you can remove the diversion like this:

 # rm /usr/share/aptitude/aptitude-defaults.ru
 # dpkg-divert --rename --local --remove /usr/share/aptitude/aptitude-defaults.ru