dburrows/ blog/ entry/ aptitude-related projects for Summer of Code 2010

I wasn't planning to be a mentor this year, but it looks like I might have enough time to do a decent job at mentoring after all.

So here are a few ideas I have kicking around that would probably be suitable for an SoC coder. I have lots more ideas, but these are the first ones that came to mind. These ideas are deliberately broad: as a student, you are responsible for collaborating with me to figure out the details of your project and put together a workable implementation plan. At the same time, this list is not all-encompassing; feel free to come up with your own idea and explain why I should act as a mentor for it.

  1. Improve the GTK+ interface. The GTK+ interface is only partly complete and I'd like it to be completely complete. A few open ends of interest are noted at aptitude-gtk-status-a-visual-tour, or you can just run the program yourself and see what's missing or ugly.
  2. Work on per-package Wiki pages (the idea is sketched out in my email on the subject). Most likely this can use the existing wiki.debian.org infrastructure.
  3. Create a service for tracking user reviews of Debian packages and implement support in one or more apt clients.

Note that the last two aren't aptitude-specific; they basically amount to working out a spec for clients to access the data in question, and then implementing the spec in one or more clients (possibly including aptitude, apt, synaptic, packages.debian.org, etc).