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I've just released version of cwidget, the C++ user interface library for terminal-based software. Since I've been working on aptitude lately, this is a fairly minor release, but it has one bugfix I really wanted to release: the cwidget main loop would spin forever when standard input was closed. Oh, and this release should compile on all Debian architectures and releases, although I have a report that the build fails on FreeBSD due to ncursesw living in a different place than it does on Debian.


  * Actually distribute the ikiwiki input files in "make dist".


  * ABI change: the SONAME is now libcwidget.so.1.

  * Add general documentation and information.  This is the cwidget
    Web site, compiled as a local collection of HTML files by IkiWiki.

  * If stdin is closed, throw a fatal exception from the main loop
    instead of spinning forever. (Debian bug #451770)

  * Import some cppunit tests that apply to cwidget.

  * Add a missing #include <stdarg.h> in ssprintf.cc. (Debian bug #452979)

  * Add untested support for the mouse wheel if ncurses is compiled
    with support for mouse button 5.