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Well, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I cannot send mail to many important @debian.org addresses. I know my mail is working because I can email myself (including @debian.org), and mail I've sent to anywhere except @debian.org works. However, since a few days ago, all my mails to bugs.debian.org, whether bug submissions or additional information on bug reports, just vanish (other people's mails are going through, so the system isn't broken); repeated (GPG-signed) requests to changes@db.debian.org to update my SSH keys have gone unanswered and un-acted-upon; and several mails to the lists have vanished into the ether. I've emailed a few role addresses about the issue, but I wouldn't be surprised if those emails get dropped on the floor as well.

Since it appears this is about the only way I can contact Debian people, could someone with admin access to our mail system please tell me why I'm shut out? This started when I changed how I send mail, so it's possible I misconfigured something (although I'm just forwarding through my smarthost using ESMTP), but I need to know what it is in order to fix it!

Comment by Anonymous at 12:13 PM:

Sounds like your "Smarthost" is getting blacklisted. I have problems when my ISP gets lazy and gets itself on SPAMCOP or some such list -- unfortunately while they're somewhat responsive to the problem there seems to be no attempt to fix the root cause -- letting people relay tons of spam off their domain.

Comment by Anonymous at 12:41 PM:

Spamcop and the like don't blacklist you for spamming, they blacklist you because someone says you are spamming.

Comment by dburrows at 4:26 PM:

If the problem is my smarthost, then I'm supremely unlucky, because I was sending through the same smarthost using KMail until I switched mail systems. In fact, one of my last pre-switch messages was to a Debian list and it went through fine.

I think it's more likely to be that Debian's filters don't like something about esmtp.