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Several years ago (it seems like more than three) I was a student at Brown University. In addition to studying computer science and mathematics, I also took a bunch of courses in the music program, including three years of piano lessons. When I graduated, I gave a recital for friends and family, plus any members of the public who happened to wander in (not many did). And, this being the 21st century, we recorded it and I got a CD of the recording. I edited it, split it into tracks, and handed some copies out to my friends and professors as a going-away present.

Now I'm no longer a student of any sort, and Brown seems a lifetime away, but the music is still sitting on my hard drive. I've always meant to make it available for download, but I couldn't figure out how to get past technical issues of space or bandwidth. A few days ago, though, I had a rather belated bright idea: maybe the Creative Commons project would have links to places where you can host your music for free. Lo and behold, it turns out that the Internet Archive lets anyone upload audio to their server! Better yet, they're even willing to store lossless encodings -- more than willing, actually; FLAC is the preferred encoding of uploads.

So, to make a long story short, click here to hear my bad piano playing. :-)

Comment by Alexander Toresson at 5:12 AM:

Hey, you're no bad :)

Comment by Alexander Toresson at 5:12 AM:

umh, should of course have been s/no/not/

Comment by David Lazar at 6:12 AM:

Hey, your "bad piano playing" isn't bad at all. Keep it up. :-)