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If you're going to build a computer case that looks like a media player ...

and if you're going to include a big volume control and an LCD player on the front ...

then aren't some buttons like "play", "next", and "pause" also a good idea?

I ask because I was browsing computer cases at the store yesterday, and apparently no-one working for the companies that design these things has thought of including some control buttons on front. To me, this seems like it would rank somewhere in the top 10 most obvious ideas ever, somewhere below "eat when you get hungry" and above "don't pick a fight with a grizzly bear", but clearly I'm missing something.

Comment by rbu at 8:45 AM:

What about one of those: http://www.mini-box.com/M200-LCD-Enclosure?sc=8&category=87

Comment by Marius at 9:10 AM:

Cost? Lack of standard components? Lack of a well-defined hardware interface?

You can hook up a volume control to the hardware mixer. Play/Pause/Stop buttons would have to be made to look like a second USB keyboard, or something like that.

Not that this isn't a good idea. The other days I was looking at my desktop (aka "gaming machine") and wished for two separate power buttons: one that would tell grub to boot into Windows, and one that would tell it to boot into Ubuntu.

Comment by Pharao at 10:53 AM:


Check out the X15e for example