dburrows/ blog/ entry/ Help make aptitude faster!

I'm working on aptitude's dependency resolver at the moment. Mostly I'm working on some changes to support better UI, but while I have all the code in my head I'd like to try to fix some of the nagging speed problems it has. I've already managed to clear up some simple but large problems with aptitude safe-upgrade, because I could get them to happen on my computer. The problem is, most of these problems don't happen on my computer. I have a half dozen or so specific ideas that might speed aptitude up, but I don't want to just randomly apply tweaks without some baseline tests that I can use to make sure that I'm actually making things better and not just perturbing the code for no reason. :-) Plus, seeing why aptitude is actually running slowly might help when it comes to finding ways to improve its performance.

So, this is where you come in. If you are using lenny and aptitude takes a long time to resolve dependencies on your computer outside of aptitude safe-upgrade, I would like to hear from you. All you need to do is to run this command when aptitude is slow, before you upgrade any packages:

$ aptitude-create-state-bundle aptitude-state.tar.bz2

Then, find a way to get the resulting large file to me. Email will work if your outgoing server accepts it; send to dburrows@algebraicthunk.net. That will tar up /etc/apt, /var/lib/apt, /var/cache/apt, and a few other directories: run aptitude-create-state-bundle --print-inputs to see exactly what it will include.


[UPDATE]: PS: please also include a brief description of the problem that you're seeing so I know what to test. Something like, e.g., when I run aptitude full-upgrade it takes thirty minutes to complete.

[UPDATE]: PPS: of course you have to run aptitude-create-state-bundle before you actually upgrade any packages! i.e., you must type n at aptitude's command-line prompt or quit the program if you're using the curses interface. Otherwise, your state snapshot will just tell me what you upgraded to, which is only half the information I need (I also need the state of all packages prior to the upgrade).