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A few months ago, I registered my first domain name ever. When you want to register a domain, the first step is generally to enter the domain you are interested in into a box; the registrar will then check to see if the domain is not registered yet, and allow you to register it if it's available. When I saw this, I thought to myself: huh, I bet that if I were a registrar and I were evil, I would take domain names that people ask about but don't register and register them myself. So I used the normal DNS lookup process to check hostnames until I came up with one I liked, on the theory that they can't possibly be registering every single lookup failure.

I really hoped that I was just being excessively paranoid, so it makes me sad to learn that apparently my cynicism in this particular case was entirely well-founded. Someday I want to believe bad things about humanity and have them turn out to be false. :-(