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So I've been inexcusably tardy in announcing this, but Obey Arthur Liu is working on aptitude for Google's Summer of Code program. His goal is to write a third interface to the program, using GTK+ to produce the UI; as the abstract for his project states:

I will create a GTK+ GUI for Aptitude that will work alongside improved current ncurses and command-line interfaces. This will offer an alternative to Synaptic with an interface design geared toward usability and advanced functionality.

I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with! I think there are a lot of interesting possibilities in the design space of GUI package managers; hopefully he'll have time to explore at least a few of them. At the moment he's focusing on figuring out the care and feeding of the apt library backend and learning some of the quirks you have to deal with when writing a frontend against it.

Arthur's blog can be found at http://www.milliways.fr and on Planet Debian. The Mercurial repository for his work can currently be found at http://dev.graffit.net/aptitude/hg/.