dburrows/ projects

Here are some of the pieces of software I've written over the years. All software listed on this page is free software.

Each project is classified as either active, dormant, or abandoned.

Project Description Status
aptitude A high-level, terminal-based package manager. active

A Web frontend to MPD, written in O'Caml and using Ocsigen.

cwidget A high-level widget set for terminal-based C++ applications. active
leafsmtp A daemonless, queuing MTA for local and outgoing mail. dormant
resume-cls A class for producing attractive resumes using LaTeX. dormant
resume-xml A simple XML schema and transformers for producing resumes in many formats. dormant

A terminal-based program that scans emails for URLs and allows you to interactively open them in a browser. Similar to urlview but includes context and can parse emails that urlview does not understand.