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Getting the development source tree

The aptitude source code is stored in a git repository on git.debian.org. To download it, install git and run:

git clone git://git.debian.org/git/aptitude/aptitude.git

Compiling the development source tree

In addition to the prerequisites listed on the compiling page, you will need to install autoconf and automake. Once they are installed, run:


and then:

./configure && make

Getting the Debian source tree

The Debian packaging of aptitude is stored in the debian branch of the main git repository (see above). After cloning the repository, cd to the top-level directory and run

git checkout debian

to see the Debianized source. After checking out the Debian source, run git-buildpackage to produce a Debian package of aptitude.

The program git-buildpackage is used to produce aptitude packages directly from the repository. By default, git-buildpackage assumes that the Debian packaging is stored in the master branch. The debian branch contains a file debian/gbp.conf which instructs git-buildpackage to use the debian branch instead; however, this file is only effective if you are currently on the debian branch. To make it effective for all branches, copy gbp.conf into .git:

cp debian/gbp.conf .git/

The debian, upstream, and pristine-tar branches directly store the Debian history of aptitude. They are not related to the master branch and should be updated to new versions only by using git-importorig on an archive generated by make dist.

Submitting patches

Patches can be sent to the Debian bug tracking system, to the aptitude project mailing list, aptitude-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org, or to dburrows@algebraicthunk.net. Ideally the patches will be generated from git, using git format-patch, but you are welcome to send unified diff format patches as well. Just run git diff and send the output with your comments.