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Recent changes to this wiki:

Fix the "contributing" instructions to refer to Mercurial instead of git.
Add release notes for aptitude 0.6.2.
Fix some awkward wording.
Add some notes about SoC 2010.
Sadly, I was wrong.
Add a blog entry about setting up OpenWRT on the WRT54GL.
Update the compile-time dependencies of aptitude on its Web page.
Correctly import the HTML resume (need to pull off the navbar from the old site).
Bring my resume a bit more up to date (mostly minor changes; also added a note that yes, I know GTK).
Incorporate some feedback that I was sent by email.
Add a blog entry showing the current status of aptitude-gtk and some of the changes I'm planning.
Fix the title for the release notes *oops*.
Fix the formatting of the show-summary information.
Add another forwards-compatibility note (the --show-summary configuration option name is changing).
Note that last-package will change in future aptitude releases.
Improve the description of last-package.
Announce 0.5.2 on my blog.
Fix a typo in a blog entry.
Markdown-ify the release notes for aptitude 0.5.2.
Fix the version tag on the 0.5.1 release notes (oops).
Add a note about the fact that aptitude head and post-lenny have merged.
Fix a missing link.
Add a note about where the code is available.
Add some notes on the new resolver visualizer.
Give a little more guidance on how to submit aptitude state bundles.
Add a few more notes on how to send test cases.
Add aa note about how people can help aptitude be faster.
Write a status update on the new aptitude stuff.
Just have to spread this one around.
Also add in the link...
D'oh, fix the last entry for the ikiwiki on my server.
Use a slightly more neutral phrasing (closer to what I intended anyway).
Fix the date and formatting on the latest blog entry.
Add a silly entry about whether Hawking said what Sigma Xi says he said.
Sigh, more information and it isn't good.
Add a plea for help regarding job control.
Add a note in the old blog entry about the new one.
Fix the title of the latest blog entry to be what I meant it to be in the first place, not a placeholder.
Add a note that the aptitude state directory is /var/lib/aptitude.
Add a version of the apt state files diagram that removes some redundant nodes and arrows, and uses color to better distinguish the different paths.
Fix an error in the apt files diagram.
Touch up my pointless whine about Inkscape.
Add the various versions of the apt files diagram that I made to my blog.
Announce aptitude 0.5.1 on my blog.
Add release notes for 0.5.1.
Add the release notes for aptitude
Move the new blog entry into the entries directory (oops).
Write a silly comment on text messaging.
Add a silly comment on a Google glitch I noticed.
Make all nodes have a white background, even the ones not in clusters.
Link to the home page of PackageKit, not its "about" page.
Use a transparent background for the apt diagrams.
Add packagekit to the diagram.
Remove the git entry for the .png that should never have existed.
Post the diagrams of apt that I made up.
D'oh, add missing images.
Write a brief note about my new hackergotchi.
Write some more news about the GTK+ aptitude frontend.
Add my own note about releasing lenny.
Warn about the fact that 0.5.0 is a development release.
It just occurred to me that the positive-sarcastic use of "ridiculous" is a bit of a Seattleism and might not fly on the Internet.
Minor edits to the announcement; tell people to email the aptitude devel list.
Announce version 0.5.0 of aptitude on my blog.
Import the release notes for aptitude 0.5.0.
Fix the time zone of the aptitude release notes (it's PST now, not PDT).
Add the missing release notes for
Write a post about using the Sudoku reduction on hard Sudoku problems.
Hopefully this will be my last post on this subject.
Add a discussion of how to use Debian Packages files to represent Sudoku boards.
Add a sad little whine about the lack of hyphenation in GTK+.
Announce the latest release on my blog.
Add the release notes for aptitude and to the aptitude news feed.
Don't include attachments/* in the RSS feed.
I forgot to upload this change before I pushed the change that created
"attachments", d'oh.
Write a tutorial showing the basics of cwidget.
Hey, I'm in PDT, not PST.
Fix the timestamps on the recent release notes so they end up in the right order.
Add a happy blurb about Arthur's Summer of Code project.
Link from the contact page to the page on bugs.
Add more information about how to contact me to various aptitude Web pages.
The lack of this information probably explains why I get occasional
queries about what the official contact information is. Hopefully this
will clear things up.
Fix the link from aptitude/contributing to the Mercurial home page.
Add release notes for the last few aptitude releases.
Write a blog post about Arthur's aptitude-gtk project.
Fix an incorrect bug number in the release notes.
Add notes about the release of aptitude, and add the missing release notes for
Move the horizon for the feed generation on my blog forward again, to avoid spamming planet when I switch feeds.
Note that the vulnerability existed in the past, too.
Fix Julien's name; apparently I can't read very well at 7am.
Add another clarification.
Clarify which cleanup I meant.
Comment on the OpenSSL debacle.
Add a note that I'm back on the Internet.
Add my thesis and the slides from my defense to the wiki.
I wanted to show these to someone today and I couldn't, so now I can.
Be a bit more formal.
Add some notes on the election.
Whoops, fix that new blog entry.
Announce aptitude
Update the date on the blog entry to match when I posted the note, not when it was written.
Write a blog entry announcing aptitude
Add the release notes for